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Author Topic:  This affects you guys over the border as well  (Read 1080 times)

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This affects you guys over the border as well
« on: January 10, 2013, 02:41:22 PM »
Read this in the Adelaide Advertiser today, All in all 28 no wash zones will be inforce by the end of the year.

SITE: River Murray Eco Action Campaign
Three zones are being trialled near Mannum, Murray Bridge and Blanchetown.
They require boaties to reduce speed and take their engines out of gear to ensure no wake reaches the shore.

Mr Olesinski said many properties along the river were at risk because of the extent of erosion caused by vessel wash.

"It will be a very short while before those poor people will potentially lose their holiday homes," he said.

"It's not just a government or industry win, there are some pretty high stakes involved in this."

"These zones have been successfully in place in New South Wales, Tasmania and across the world."

Mr Olesinski said boat operators were mostly ignoring the current trial sites.

Acting Environment Minister Patrick Conlon said the Government welcomed the initiative to reduce damage to the Murray.

"(It) highlights what (boat owners) can do to help minimise structural damage to the fragile riverbanks along the River Murray," he said.

Recent drought conditions in the Murray-Darling Basin, coupled with periodic floods, have seen riverbanks weaken along the lower reaches of the Murray.

Because the amount of wash created is affected by the size of the boat, exact speed limits will not be in place. Instead, boat owners will be asked to:

REDUCE speed as they approach the restricted area.

TAKE the engine out of gear.

PUT the engine back in gear and proceed with the engine giving just enough speed to provide steering control when leaving the area.

LOOK back occasionally and slow down if a wash is being created.

The initiative is supported by the River Murray ECO Action group, Environmental Protection Authority, Boating Industry Australia, local councils, Keep South Australia Beautiful and the State Government.

Mannum shack owner and jet ski user Scott Woodroffe said jet ski and speedboat users would respect the zones if they were made aware of the extent of the erosion risk.

"As long as they don't put them in ridiculous spots like in front of shacks," he said.

He said restricting boat speed would not necessarily have a major impact.

"The thing is, the slower the boats go, generally the bigger the wash that is created," he said.

"Maybe they need to bring back the rules that let people put sand and rocks back into the banks. For us, we would be more than happy to replant trees in the bank but everyone has been stopped from doing that."

Ron Greening, owner of Greenings Landing at Mannum - the first place where the signs are installed - says the riverbank at his marina is constantly being damaged by the wash of passing boats.

"This year, reeds have grown along a part of the bank here. That normally doesn't happen - if they weren't here the riverbank would have been washed away by now," he said.

He understood the need for speedboat users to be allowed to use certain parts of the river, but wanted them to be more aware of the damage being done. "It is important that you have areas where they can ski, but there are areas where they are causing harm," he said.

Mr Greening said signs were located along the side of the river, but they needed to be in the middle of the water for users to pay attention to them.

Mr Olesinski said ntesigns would be in place to show where the zones begin and end. At this stage no penalties are in place for those who breach the rules




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