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Author Topic:  My Awesome Year  (Read 4188 times)

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My Awesome Year
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:28:11 PM »
My awesome year thank you to all of my friends who have participated in my year. This is a long post read to the end and enjoy if I have not tagged you please accept my apologies and know that I appreciate all of your input into my life.

Today 5th September 2015 marks a year since my final day at Australia Post after accepting Voluntary redundancy after 16 years in management.

Wow what an awesome year I have had.

So many people to thank firstly my wife for keeping the home fires burning while I have toured the East Australian States.

Took the package on the Friday phoned Melbourne Seadoo and negotiated a deal on a new Seadoo RXT 260 RS Picked up the ski on Monday and headed to Mt Beauty 4.5 hrs to Launch the ski with Mike. We snow skied, jet skied and snow mobiled in that week while running in the new ski. Skied Bonnie Doon to big river on lake eildon on my way home

The following week we visited the creeks of Renmark with Mike not on Facebook, brett and Hutch.

When I got home I salt water christened the new ski with a run Mordi to Mornington and back. Back to Eildon with Levin and Katie for the final ride of my old ski before it went on the market. Took a heap of kids for a ride out from Mentone. Took Ginny and her daughter for a ride at St Helens and got caught in a severe Squall very exciting. And that was September.

October back to back to Eildon and explored most of the bay's and coves with Katie, Brett, mark, rebecca and craig. We camped at Eildon Caravan Park ok we stayed in a cabin the others camped. Then the Sunday we had 11 skis to explore all the bay's and coves from Eildon to big river to Jamieson. Back home rode Sorrento to Barwon Heads with Mark Holmes. Mordi to Altona. Patto to rye with Greg and Hutch we saw the police RIB boat practicing boarding ships and we were way faster in the water, they informed us we should clear out. Then as part of Amigofari we headed to woy woy with Hed Corey and Brett my daughter Katie joined me for two weeks off school. Then to Nelson Bay were Kk joined us and That was October

November and Amigofari continued in Nelson Bay. Kk and I got two rides in an early ride from Soldiers point. And then the group ride to myall lakes. Thanks Mal for putting on such great weather looking forward to returning this year. Then KK Hed Katie and I continued North to Runaway bay to join our awesome hosts Mandy and Nigel. Had great rides sanctuary cove Moreton island little ships jumping pin wow what a paradise.  Came home then Mordi to Port Arlington, Hastings around Phillip Island with Greg. Yarrawonga towards Cobram with hutch and Mark Holmes until we found the river was closed for a kayak event go figure. Back to Yarrawonga we retrieved skis relaunched Mulwalla and headed up river until all of a sudden it got very grey then black then lightning either side of the river and it was certainly time to change our undies, very scary though made it safely back to Mulwalla for the best Pizza. Then Bonnie Doon to Jamieson with hutch I do believe the wild turkey American Honey took a beating that night. Quick blast from Mordi met up with Taz, Mordi to port Melb with Terry and Joan, Mordi to frankston and that was November.

December Half moon bay for a ride and picked up a pregnant lady and her partner and took them for a ride only to snag a fishing line and that was the end of that day, a lot of fishing line gets wrapped around the drive shaft very quickly. Mordi to Frankston to Beaumaris, Mordi chelsea, Mordi, tried to create a heart track not quite the artist I hoped to be. Mordi to Patto then laps with the kids, tooradin around Phillip Island group ride. Inverloch blast in the waves with Rey and Paul and that was December.

January did Mordi around the bay and met up with Dimitri and friends, Wilsons prom ride ski turned 100 hrs, Mordi to safety beach blew the exhaust off and lucky Ajet was with me to tow the ski back to Mornington where we abandoned my ski blasted back to Mordi and drove back to Mornington to recover the ski my one breakdown since having the ski. Mordi to Frankston found Lev out on the bay fishing. Mildura to Renmark 323km in one day with Kk, Mark Coleman and Mike from Berri. Lots of riding around Renmark for the next week with the family yippee. I love Renmark. Mordi to port Melbourne. Hastings around Phillip Island to run in Natalie's new kawasaki 310 nat used 90 L my ski used 70L lots of fun. Kalamari fishing off safety beach with tas oz Nellie didn't catch a thing and that was January

February Mordi to middle of bay then Port Melbourne, sandy point west side of Wilsons prom to skull rock 16 skis on the ride Marchys ski wanted to try sub marining. Yarrawonga to howlong with Greg and Mark 261ks. Mentone with Mark coleman and the kids. Hastings Phillip Island and French Island 164 ks. And that was February.

March Yarrawonga to Tocomwal with hutch we jumped off the skis and did a float down as it was so hot lots of places that the mighty Murray was only chest deep. Wilsons prom and skull rock, quick blast at nagambie with anthony Diptech. Sale to Avon river and lakes entrance with Mark Holmes Brett and Johnny Castillo 240km. And that was March.

April Mordi to Mornington saw Dolphins, Mordi to indented head to Sorrento with Brett and Hutch and that was April.

May Mordi to bolte bridge with Holmes, echuca to picnic point with hutch brett and Holmes and a mystery rider. Apollo bay to 12 Apostles on my own was one of my best rides and one of my scariest I now have a Personal Locator Beacon. And that was May

June tested my EZ-Throttle extension (I will be importing 50 of these so pm me if you want me to reserve one for you, currency sux at the moment) Port welshpool to skull rock. And that was June.

July we had Echucafari with 50 skis on the water on the Saturday, the early birds rode Goulburn river on the Friday we must do more of the Goulburn. My ski turned 200 hrs on the weekend.  My ski did 392km over the 3 days and it was very cold I got sick afterward and coughed for 6 weeks lucky hutch came to my rescue and took me to falls creek so he could visit his daughters I snow skied and snow mobiled with Mike while coughing my guts up the whole time far better than being in bed. And that was July

August Mordi to Port Melbourne to Williamstown to Geelong with Holmes 116 ks to Geelong iPhone failed on way home assume 205ks for round trip. Mordi to Werribee river to qcliff to the rip and back with brett and Holmes iPhone failed again and got replaced let's say 220 km for the day. Sale to lakes bandit glen Kristy and graham 246 km snow skiing again at Falls creek with Mike and then up to Renmark for a 40 km blast on mirror smooth water.  And that was August.

September camped on the river bank with mike Stevenson then did lots of riding the might Murray covered 205 km and met some fab people on house boats. Came home from Adelaide via Robe and Nelson a quick blast at both locations what a life   

In the last 3 weeks have covered over 1,000km on the ski yippee.

Hope you enjoyed my story I have had fun sharing with you all over the year.

You may have noticed I'm starting to fade away I have dropped 10 kg in the last 5 weeks and have gained heaps of energy.

The ski now has 222 hrs on it and will be 1 year old on Tuesday 8th September so if you are available for a ride Monday or Tuesday please call me on 0407 844 542 I would like to get the ski to 225 hrs by her birthday.

Thanks again for being a part of my year.

I loaded 200 photos to Facebook so have a look at my page

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Offline Rory

Re: My Awesome Year
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 06:46:14 PM »
Congratulations George.  You're only here once and you're obviously making the most of it.  Live the dream!




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