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Volunteering for the Australian Jet Ski Association

Jet Ski Club

Wow, we’ve received many inquiries lately from awesome Jet Skiers offering to help out our Association and Sport.
So we’ve put together the following info for anyone who’s been thinking about it and where they may fit in.

Firstly thank you for considering being a volunteer with the AJSA. We are a volunteer organisation that focuses on the following 4 main categories;

Infrastructure (Boat Ramps, Jetties, Beaches, Trailer Parks, Diving areas, moorings and channel markers etc)

Legislation (safety laws, bans, licensing, speed restrictions, exclusions etc)

Reputation management (Defense of everyday law abiding Jet Skiers from the minority of trouble makers and Promoting the sport as a wonderful family friendly way to be on the water etc.

Events We recognize the need to get everyone together from time and show off our sport in mainstream media so we run to promote the sport. These events are planned to include major fundraisers, training courses, time trials, closed course and endurance racing

All of this takes a tremendous amount of time to organise (some of our volunteers are working over 600 hours a year) and therefore we realise many hands make lighter work.
Volunteers range from the administration side of the association, event management and we also run an on the water rescue team.

Tomorrow we are holding a training day for potential new members of that team to come and try out. More details here.

You are very welcome to come along and observe what happens. We will also then be able to answer any of your questions.

So wether you’re looking to become involved on the water, around the events or in the administration we would love to meet you and discuss it further.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you’d like to have a chat