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The Future of Jet Skis!


Fun First!
Having been in a TESLA recently I began thinking the combustion engine may be dead? Now I really think it is cr0k

Check out the new Free Form Factory Stand up Ski

This is an electric powered Ski and the first of what will be many more to follow.

Given the direct drive nature of Jet Ski pumps this is looking really awesome. Speeds will be dramatically increased and with battery technology increasing daily range should also be excellent.

I'm guessing the days of 3 main brands are well and truly behind us awsm

The Gratis X1 features a 100% electric powertrain developed by the experts at Zero Motorcycles.

Zero produces high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight and efficient.

The complete Z-Force® powertrain, is designed to safely withstand the demands of even the most aggressive off or on-road use.

The result is a safe and incredibly powerful technology that is long lasting, scales rapidly and is reliable.

With a decade of success in electric powered vehicles, Zero is the perfect partner to power the Gratis X1.