Sunday 3rd March '19 - Paradise Point and ride to breaky 8.30am


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

This weekend is looking a little dodgy still but ride we must!

Its Unicorns birthday today, he's 26 years old (from his first registration in 1993) so would like to go out for a ride to celebrate bd

We'll head out from Paradise Point at around 8.30am and should have good tide to head up around the Coomera and eventually back to Couran Cove.

Most of the way should be sheltered!

We expect to be back at the ramp by noon roughly. Hope to see you then!



Jet Ski Club

wh Unicorns birthday cake is a really heave white chocolate mud cake, so be ready for a yummy breaky.

The weathers looking much better now so we should get a good ride in too blma

See ya's at the ramp countsheep


Fun First!
thx to everyone who helped us celebrate Unicorns birthday!

Despite the forcast it was a wonderful day and the bd was also yummy!