Sunday 28th April 2019 - Paradise Point to Jumpinpin Breakky at Couiran Cove


Fun First!

Time for a ride!

Weathers looking awesome for a run to the pin tomorrow.

We'll be leaving Paradise Point at around 8.30 and heading to the Pin.

This ride will suit newbies as we're riding Unoicorn and Leprechaun (which means not very fast) cl

We'll head to Couran Cove for a nice breakky too.

mcsm jsgif

Hope to see you then Funsters wh





Hi Mandy,

Can you give us some more info about Couran cove and jet skis? What to expect/where to go etc?

From what I can tell from your posts is that it's now a ski friendly zone is that right? I've only poked my nose in there a few times and didn't really see where to go etc. I normally just end up at tipplers but it'd be nice to try some thing different!


Jet Ski Club

Hi Guys,

Yes it's very Jet Ski friendly these days :)

The owners have taken it over and the harbourmaster loves us Jet Skiers chr

All of the Beaches on the north and south are free for you to pull up on.
You can also just anchor off if it's an incoming tide.
Moorings are available to use and they are $10 for Jet Skis.
All of the restaurants and Bars are great and kids just go bezerk all day over there cl
There are several pools to choose from to enjoy yourself too.
We usually sit at the front on the balcony overlooking the marina but last week went out the back which was beautiful.
Food choices are "jet ski food" such as burgers or full scale buffet

Give it a go. I can honestly say I don't think you'll put up with the poor hygiene and lack of service of Tipplers again!


Fun First!
Heres the awesome vid!

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