Sunday 1st September - Paradise Point 7am


Fun First!
Well that was a last minute bit of organising on Saturday night when we saw the new forcast!
Awesome to get out and experience the mint conditions all be it still a litte cool for our usual QLD standards :)
Let's hope this is what were in for as the season kicks off into full swing!
Jumpinpin was nasty though. I wouldn't have been able to find a way out the back without a very wet punch through so not good conditions for chilly weather.
Canaipa was extraordinary - I'll let the photos explain slz lol

At breakfast we had a stowaway on Jodies Ski. Check out the beautiful photo below!

Just a word of warning on lifejackets.

There has been quite a few people spoken to by the WP's lately for launching and retrieving without lifejackets.
The law says we have to wear them but I thought I'd explain why.

OK, its unlikely anything will happen at a quiet ramp, I agree but heres 2 things to consider.

1. I have come off launching a Ski. I rode Nates 2 banger from the trailer to the beach at southport. Coming around the pontoon it died and I was on enough of a lean to fall in.
The only damage was my red face albeit lmao :)

Now if the lanyard wasnt attached to me that Ski would have gone goodness knows where.
Most people have a lanyard on their lifejacket to free up their hands. Seadoo - no choice. If your lifejacket is in the storage/car where is the lanyard attached to you?
If theres an incident, a 4 stroke running loose around a ramp full of kids playing in water and all the other things happening could be carnage. try letting go of your steering just for a few seconds at idle and you'll get the idea.
It's not worth taking the shortcut.

2. If safety isn't your thing, or you're more experienced than me and will never come off, then please consider this.

Our reputation is always at stake. This is a great concernt to me as I love our sport and as president of the Australian Jet Ski Association our charter is to grow our reputation as a wonderful family friendly activity.

There is always someone looking to get rid of Jet Skiers and there is plenty of that at our awesome Paradise Point ramp. This is why we believe there is extra focus on the area lately.

There are a group of Fishermen that have used the ramp for decades. They have tolerated us but are becoming frustrated lately.

The main reason for this is that since the Broadwater became accessible at high speed from Paradise Point (No one does the legal 30 knots ) all of the Coomera River Boat Ramps have become more congested than hostorically.

People coming from Northern areas find it quicker to launch into the Coomera than to go all the way into Southpoort where the launching facilities are difficult.

This congestion has annoyed the Fishos as they are used to Paradise literally.

They have become quite intolerant of Jet Skis behaving anything less than socially ideal and are making plenty of noise about it.

So let's make sure they have nothing to worry about and take the extra little bit of care to make sure everyone can use the water safely as they are entitled to


Then we can all keep using Paradise Point and all the other beautiful ramps.

Remember once we get into open water where theres no one around we're one of the last remaining free sports where you can legally go as fast as you like! rdsk1


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