Shorncliffe to Kooringal and return


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Saturday 19th May 2018
What we'll do
Leaving Shorncliffe ramp at 8.45am we will head to Kooringal on the southern end of Moreton Island. (Will regroup at the northern side of mud island on the way) Off to Kooringal then and pull up at the beach for a swim, chillout, whatever. The Gutter bar opens at 9.30am for some refreshments and morning tea! Back on the skis at about 10.30 for the ride back (stopping on the southern side of Mud island between St Helana Island for a regroup). Back at the boat ramp by 11.30 or 12.00 at the latest.
All welcome, 0421542795 wc
8 skis so far as at 9.35pm Tuesday


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Hi, I am a new member and keen for the ride. Couple of questions 1. What is the address of shorncliffe ramp 2. Do I need extra fuel 3. What is recommended riding attire

Many thanks


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Hi DK, I can't answer the first question. Google should know though dno

You'll be alright with 1 tank from Shorncliffe. If you feel better, take 10 liters and refill at Amity Point. It's safer there compared to the Gutter Bar. You might wish to put on some warm neoprene covering your upper body. Not cold enough for a wetsuit just yet.

Have a look at the charts as I think you guys will go through the rouse. It's a bit tricky to find and navigate. Outside the markers is all go-slow zones and the high tide is pretty low.

Might see you at the Gutter Bar. Have fun.


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I will most probably pass you on your way back, I am heading over from Manly I would have joined you by my son is playing rugby early Sat morning.


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awsm Looks like so much FUN!!


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Looks like you guys made it. We got hammered in the bay. Was no fun whatsoever. Tried to get some calmer waters at Tangas - no sir. Some waves on the way to Northend were so big, you could have done a bronco. If I ever meet one of the weather forecasters ag

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Looks great. Love the photos.

You've inspired me. I am thinking of heading down to the Gutter bar this weekend. We'll approach the North, crossing the bay from Red beach to Cowan Cowan.

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