Saturday 7th December '19 - Social Ride

Jet Ski Club

Wow, whos as desperate as us to get out for a ride and have some FUN!!!

Saturday looks like the better day of the two. The wind will be lower than Sunday but the direction keeps changing in the forcast.
This will decide what direction we go in as we will navigate around the wind.

We'll be pushing off from Paradise Point at 7am (so launch at 6.30) and will decide at the ramp where we'll go for breakky and which way we'll get there!

Please have a full tank of fuel. That will be all anyone needs to do this ride.

We're planning on being back at the ramp by 11.30am at the latest!

So let's get out and have some FUN!!!

(sense of humor compulsory on all rides. Written and spoken by Jet Skis).



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Fun First!
The weathers looking awesome for a morning ride. Def don't want to be out there by lunchtime rdsk1

For those of you going to Christmas parties, leave early and come for a ride, you'll have heaps more fun wve

It's looking awesome for a run around Straddie at this stage!

See yas at the ramp!