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Saturday 26th October 18 - 8.30am Paradise Point


Fun First!
wh snuk out for an hour, or two ;) today and it was magnifico!

So we're heading out tomorrow with the 2 Bangers to do some testing and tuning along the way of a nice ride.

At this stage we're planning on a nice feed afterwards at Paradise Point on the eastern side. Wont be a big day and we're planning to be back by 11-11.30am

Should be awesome FUN so come along if you like Funstars :) As always everyones wc

ps weathers looking awesome for the morning :)


Fun First!
chr Well summer has begun! Wonderful day out of the 2 bangers but shocking case of lack of riding fitness!

Will be posting rides on Tuesdays from now on so people get to see them wsle blma

Got to meet Dean from Hope Island Jet Ski Hire who was setting up his awesome new shop at Paradise Point Boat Ramp. wh

This is the first time we've seen this in Queensland. Not only will Dean take people of on tours BUT You can hire a Jet Ski too!!!!

If you have a license you can hire them for half or full days and go wherever you like! How awesome is this if you have friends from other places and want to take them out and show off our water playground?

Many people make the decision to join our wonderful sport after Jet Ski Hire outings so here's to more new Jet Skiers joining the FUN!