Saturday 10th Feb '18 - Peel Island


Fun First!
He everyone,

Tomorrow were heading out from Paradise Point at 8am and then going to Tipplers for breakky mcsm

Afterwards were riding up to Peel Island to do some snorkelling.

As always everyone is welcome to join us wh

Hope to see you then!


Fun First!
I've never seen nor needed myself any extra fuel on any 4 stroke between Gold Coast and Peel Island and back.
This includes all brands and and just about every model since 2004.

With my 2 strokes I need an extra 20 litres. We usually go to reserve a few kms from Peel and again near Couran Cove on the way back.


Hi Mandy, is it a 2 hours run each way or less than that?

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Fun First!
Yes mate, if the weathers good it will be around an hour blma