Running In your new Ski & Flushing advice

How do you Run In Skis?

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Fun First!
Well here's my 2 cents worth on running in your Ski. I am asked it so often I thought I'd finally write it up!

1. 15 minutes in the water at idle only. You're testing for any water, exhaust or oil leaks. This will be just enough to get your motor nice and warm.
Then take it home wash it and leave it to cool overnight. this begins to temper things up. Check oil levels before and after every ride.

2. 15 minute warm up. Up on the plane for a few minutes then 1 minute idle. Up on the plane again and up to 3000 rpm with slow roll on, roll off variations for 15 mins. Back to 5 minute idle. Do that 2 more times. Then up to 5000rpm with variations for 15mins. Lastly 10 minute idle to cool down back to the ramp. Wash and allow to cool overnight.

3. 10 minute idle warm up. Up on the plane for a few minutes then 1 minute idle. This is a great warm up procedure.
Ride at various rpm up to 5000 for 30 mins. Start to raise the rpm at intervals eg, 6000, idle 1 min. 7000, idle 1 min WOT, idle 1 min.

For the first 10 hours make sure you vary the throttle heaps. Riding off shore is awesome as you will naturally vary the throttle. I like to take new Skis into light surf at this stage to make sure the loads are always changing.

10 hours. Change the oil and filter. Check every bolt.

Now relax and enjoy the next 3000 riding hours you've set your motor up for. Ensure regular servicing (50 hours or 6 months) minimum regardless of the Dealers selling spiel.
Note Kwakas need 25 hour services to keep their warranty.
I service all my Skis every 20-25 hours social riding or before and after every race meeting if they race.

VIP. The warm up and cool down procedure is extremely important. This will save your engine life heaps so may not be what the Dealer tells you.

Warm Up: 10 minute idle. Roll on throttle just up on the plane for a few minutes then 1 minute idle.

Cool down: Slowly drop speed until 10 mins idle from ramp. Raise the seat or remove the back seat for 10 mins idle to the ramp. Idle only all the way back to the ramp.
This cool down technique completely eliminates the "hard start" from Kwakas. I assume as the cool engine tends not to suck water vapor back onto the plugs through the low lying exhaust.
Don't blow out your water box at the ramp unless you have a long drive. this practice will literally cook the salt into your motor or exhaust.
Drive home with no seat if practical. Make sure you secure it in the Car though as they are expensive.

Flush asap.
Take care not to exceed 5000rpm blowing out the water on the Trailer as there is no back pressure on the pump and no cooling on the moving parts. Seadoos are really prone to a leaking seal (sinking) and this can cause it (with over flushing).

Skis with no flush additive need at least 2 minutes to clear the salt. With a good additive like Extreme Flush you can safely reduce flushing to 1 minute and 30 seconds. This has been extensively tested. Anything less than these times will leave salt in your motor or exhaust.

If you have a separate line for your inter-cooler make sure you flush it first. This will allow the intercooler to be salt free before you flush the motor stopping the i/c from getting hot while it still has salt in it. It also allows the i/c to clear from residual water as the motor running will typically vibrate excess water out of the i/c lessening the chance of a core breech.

The term "Ride it like you stole it" is complete bs1 and will ensure your rings wear out really quickly. This is a popular advice within the trade and may not have your best interests in mind.

Remember you're running in more than just the motor. Everything needs a chance to settle in to working together.

Please feel free to post any additions, alternative thoughts or questions below lovf