Ride from Cleveland to Gutter bar


Hi, I am travelling down from Toowoomba on Saturday 26th for a ski. Planning on leaving from Cleveland (9am) and heading up to gutter bar for lunch, weather permitting. Not that experienced so if anyone would like to join me you are most welcome.


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wv er so you say you're not that experienced. This what I'd be considering

The bar will be pumping with the big low in the Coral sea. The bar conditions are at their worst when you have easterly winds over an outgoing tide, which is what's happening on Saturday morning. you're not crossing the bar, but riding across the inside of the bar from north to south. its sometimes a pain when its like that at the lower end of the tide spectrum and can be too shallow.

there are two ways to get there from the south, via the Rainbow Passage or Rous Channel. If you stray out of the rainbow channel you're in the oyster leases, and get the Rous wrong (very easy to do) you're in a marine park which is patrolled so its 6 knots for about 10km and too shallow at low tide anyway. essentially get the nav wrong and you're in the poo.

Anchoring there at lowish outgoing tide is a pain.

I wouldn't personally go there myself this weekend, I'd just wait for different conditions. its a great run over there. if you are dead keen, just make sure you hook up with someone who knows their stuff.


Thanks for the heads up guys. While I have a GPS your advice regarding low tides has changed my mind on crossing the bar.
Still keen for a ride.....do you suggest an alternate destination? South down to the spit or North hugging the coast to Redcliffe? Or should i postpone?

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Great advice as always Johno :)

I'd head south to the Gold Coast. Take your time its a spectacular ride and so much to see wh