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Queensland Marine Incident Report 2016

Jet Ski Club

Interesting read.

Looks like the cut backs to funding educational material is beginning to show through in the stats.

Lets hope it doesn't repeat itself this year.

Given 1 in 9 Queenslanders have a "vessel" and a 10% per year rise are becoming Jet Skis, Queensland is a significant area of statistics.



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Thanks for sharing.

It's quite disturbing that most of the incidents occurred in almost good conditions (human error followed by material errors). Pretty sure we've all seen scary behaviour by PWC or vessel operators. Difficult to understand the PWC data (number of PWC compared to vessels). Apparently no trend.

Tables 44 to 46 are interesting. Shows to keep your distance to swimmers and other vessels (incl. PWC). During group rides some get too close for my taste.

Had a little scare myself this weekend as Marine Park rangers waived me over. They only wanted to share information about the Go-Slow zones. We had a good chat. Still scared the proverbial out of me as they passed by. Good to see they are out there though.


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great summary Dirk.

Well I can't imagine they would ever catch you out doing anything out of order Dirk! I don't think I've met a more conscientious rider!

Hope to see you out on the water soon :)