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Queensland Boat Ramps


Fun First!
I am looking for up to 10 Boat Ramps with floating pontoons/walkways that are currently damaging PWC's
We have an opportunity to have a rubber skirt installed on them to stop the watercraft from getting caught underneath and being damaged.

Some of the new ones are really good but there are many of the old style left.
I'm hoping to get some input from far North Queensland too as the Boating Council represents all Queensland PWC riders.

I know Townsville is currently getting some huge improvements but there are hundreds of other ramps that could do with some work up there too. :)

Please post your suggestions below or call me on 0449 077 747. thx for your input into the Watercraft community

and a huge thx to @canbpete for his help to make this project possible. wh



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Great stuff Mandy. Your a machine. Not sure if it's eligible as it may be privately owned but the pontoon at little ships club is a shocker. The channel could do with a dredge while their at it.

Others might be Redland bay, manly and Comslie


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Bongaree on Redcliffe peninsula, also Bradnam Ave, Maroochy River (first one W of main bridge), and Jindalee on Brisbane River. All of these have scratched my PWC in the last three months. Great work Mandy if you can get some work done!

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JINDALEE - all damage on my ski is from that ramp. I'm in favour of CCTV to get all clowns off the river that think no wash is a recommendation rather than the law. ag


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Mandy someone on Facebook suggested Southbank and west end. Would be great to have somewhere on the river where you could grab a drink or a meal and moor up safely.

Someone should open a JetSki cafe at Jindalee.


Fun First!
Great ideas, coundn't agree more!
We could ride to meetings in the city :)

Jet Ski Club

Bump up!

Ok we have almost enough ramps for this project now. What we wuld really like to see if a few from up Far North Queensland.
We know you're up there :) How are your pontoons with your Skis ;)


Fun First!
OK, thx for the feedback everyone
Here is the list I have received so far;
Whyte island in Brisbane
Deep water bend...south pine river Pelican bay...Clontarf
Colmslie boat ramp on the Brisbane river
Scarborough harbour next to coast guard.
Bongaree on Redcliffe peninsula
Bradnam Ave
Maroochy River (first one west of main bridge)
Jindalee on Brisbane River
Southbank and west end. Would be great to have somewhere on the river where you could grab a drink or a meal and moor up safely.
Is there any more before I put these forward :)