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Qld Boating maps Beacon to Beacon Guides update

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Maritime Safety Queensland’s Beacon to Beacon Guides provide navigation maps for selected waterways from the southern Gold Coast to Keppel Bay and Rockhampton.

The maps are intended for recreational boating and should be used as a guide for navigation.

Care should be taken when navigating outside waterways not marked by navigation aids.

Comprehensive navigation charts for ports and offshore areas are published by the Australian Hydrographic Office.

Beacon to Beacon was previously sold in hard-copy but now content is available for free download.

A comprehensive legend with map notes (PDF, 1.04 MB) is available as a separate, free download and can be found on the same page as the booklet downloads.

Maps may be printed as often as needed and can be easily be slipped into standard plastic folder sleeves.

The maps are regularly updated online but printed maps can be manually updated from information on the Queensland Notices to Mariners page.

Although the maps are suitable for navigation under the IALA buoyage system, some of the symbol standards have been modified for use in Queensland. For example, buoy symbols are often shown in similar shape and colour of the actual buoy—as they are seen on the water.

Choose the relevant Beacon to Beacon Guide from the map or the list below.

Please read the terms and conditions found on each download page before downloading or using these guides.

More info is here;


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Beacon to Beacon Guides

Maritime Safety Queensland’s new navigational boating product for recreational boaters is now available for free download.

There are 13 A4-size Beacon to Beacon PDF booklets covering separate geographical regions from the southern Gold Coast to
Yeppoon north of Rockhampton.

Visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website to download a copy of your local guide now.

How to use the guides

• ?You no longer need to purchase a Beacon to Beacon Directory.
• ?Simply download your local guide and print as many times as needed.
• ?Maps are in A4-size and will easily slip into standard plastic folder sleeves for water protection.
• ?As the maps are regularly updated, you are guaranteed to find the most up-to-date version online.
• ?You can also find a comprehensive legend with map notes online, to use with the guides.

The Beacon to Beacon Guides are available for commercial reproduction subject to terms and conditions.

The new products replace Maritime Safety Queensland’s discontinued charts and hard copy Beacon to Beacon Directory.

Check out the navigation charts at the Australian Hydrographic Service.

Care should be taken when navigating outside waterways not marked by navigation aids.