Pumicstone Passage Creeks Exploring

Hungry Stu

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Went for a great exploratory ride up Coochin Creek, off Pumicstone passage last weekend.

We took advantage of the high tide and went as far up Coochin Creek as we could. I was hoping to get as far as the M1 highway, but a log across the width of the creek stopped us.

I did momentarily consider jumping it, but commonsense prevailed over Youtube inspired bravado, and we turned around.

I think Elimbah Creek is next on the list.

Who else has done other creek exploring in this area? Any recommendations?



Fun First!
Wow, looks amazing Stu. You'd need to be sure about the tide for that one!

Hungry Stu

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The second last opportunity for a high high tide (>2.5m) in the passage this weekend.

The tide will be over 2m between 6:30am and 11:15am, so I think its a good opportunity for some more creek exploring. We'll head up Elimbah and see how far we get.