Peel Island here we come! - Sunday 10th March '19 @ 8.30am


Fun First!

Finally a lovely day forcasted!

We're heading to Peel Island from Paradise Point for a fun and relaxing day.

Pack your snkl and your cmra and your mcsm cf

Floating toys and shade tents are also wc rotflmao

If you'd like to come from other boat ramps let us know and we'll swing past on the way.

Everyones wcand we hope to see you then! chr


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

just to confirm it's Sunday the 10th march this weekend!

We'll leave PP at 8.30 and should be back by 1pm

if you want to meet us somewhere along the way just let us know.

Hope to see you then!

countsheep countsheep countsheep


Fun First!
wh tomorrow is looking perfect! countsheep chr