Paradise Point - Moreton Bay - Brunch at Couran Cove - 8am Saturday 17th Nov '18


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Hi everyone,

Saturday is def looking like the pick for the weekend wh (and it can't come soon enough for me!).

We're planning on setting out from PP at 8am so launching at 7.30.

We'll travel to Jumpinpin for a play. For those that dont like the surf a 20 minute jibber jabber sesh in the bay will also be fun chr

Next we'll head up the beautiful Canaipa passage and around a couple of islands before setting course back to Couran Cove for a yummy brunch.

You'll need 1 full tank of fuel. That goes for everyone as even little Unicorn can do this on one tank!

I can't wait to get to Couran Cove and show those of you who haven't seen it how amazing it has become. I was given a tour last week and lost count at around 8 places to eat and drink. There are amazing pools and a fenced swm proof lagoon with stand up paddle boards and heaps of other water toys.

My fav place is the Beach Bar over on the Straddie side which is a 3 minute ride on the free electric train but I also love the Broadwater beach bar, and the marina bar and the lagoon pools haha!

Jet Skiers are wc to pull up on the Beaches surrounding the resort which is FREE.

You can pay $10 if you want to tie up in onto the pontoons in the Marina.

So lets go check out the new jet Skiers place to be.

Hope to see you Saturday awsm


Fun First!
Re: Paradise Point - Moreton Bay - Brunch at Couran Cove - 8am Saturday 17th Nov

For those of you coming from different boat ramps we could meet you at Jumpinpin or the northern end of Canaipa for the ones coming from Moreton Bay wh


Fun First!
This ride is very suitable for new JetSkiers

We will only go at the pace of the last rider and will stop frequently for breaks :)


Fun First!
rjs1 Magnificent weather forcast for tomorrow jpy

Only countsheep and we're off to forget about the week and play our hearts out blma

See ya's at the ramp or on the water wh


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Hi Mandy
Thanks, we will be there at paradise point. Brad & Des

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