New Riders basics training – Saturday 30th March ’19


Fun First!
Hi everyone,
If you’re new to Jet Skiing welcome aboard!

On Saturday the 30th of March the AJSA is offering a 3-hour training session covering all the basics and answering all your questions.

The course will be held on the Gold Coast this time but we have proposals into local governments around the country to take the course into many other areas in the near future.

If you would like to attend please register here:
We will need to keep the numbers limited so we can stick to a maximum of 3 hours with a social ride afterwards!

We’ll kick off at 7.30am and should finish up the social ride by around noon.

Hope to see you then!



Fun First!
On this Saturday Guys. To register click on the link avbove!

Jet Ski Club

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Great day of training for newbies and the RWCO's.

The weather provided a great platform for some advanced work too afc

Thank you to everyone who attended. seeing the difference it makes to your Jet Skiing enjoyment makes it well worth it. chr