Mother of 7 killed in jet ski accident donates organs, helps 68 others

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - For Keosha Gore, the moment didn't seem real. The heartache is too painful, too shocking.

Her mother is gone.

Keosha, along with her seven brothers and sisters, can't believe their mom is no longer with them.

Helen Gore was special, spending her career as a caregiver, dedicating her life to those who needed help.

She inspired her seven sons and daughters endlessly. She was their hero.

Losing her just before Mother's Day was gut wrenching for her children, ages 12-26.

On Sunday, they were supposed to be with her, to surround her with presents, flowers and balloons, to celebrate her love.

Instead, Helen's children will be planning her funeral.

The 41-year-old Clearwater mother was killed during a jet ski accident off the Courtney Campbell Causeway on Sunday. Investigators say she was hit head on by another jet skier, who also died in the accident.

Helen was rushed to Tampa General Hospital for treatment. Sadly, she passed away within 24 hours.

But, amidst heartache, there is also gratitude.

Her children tell us her life isn't truly over as she now lives within others.

Throughout her life, Helen was a caregiver. She cared for others through her work, cared for her children and grandchildren, and in her passing, she continues to give care and life, long after she's gone.

Her children say they are now trying to make arrangements, struggling to pay for her funeral.

They have a started a GoFundMe page in her honor.

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What an absolute tragedy. Our condolences go out to family and friends.

She was an awesome person alive and has helped so many after she has gone.

Everyone please make sure you keep your distance off. Every week we get the stats around the world and distance off being breached is the number 1 way to get yourself injured or worse on a Jet Ski.

The 2nd highest stat is to have a medical issue or fall off and hit your head. However this is around once or twice a year so is extremely unlikely.

So this leaves distance off as your seat belt, helmet or any other life saving safety device as your Jet Ski equivalent. Please make it your bible!

It may be a great idea to consider organ donation while we're on the subject Helping 68 people to have a better life is unbelievably awesome. I hope Helen Gore is remembered and her children are so very proud of her.


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So very sad. [emoji22] Would like to know more about ‘Distance off’ and what that really means? Thanks.

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It varies between the states but generally 50m from each other or 200 from swimmers/shorelineers etc is fairly safe.

Yes so sad :(