Members Update 9th October 2015


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

* At the last members meeting it was suggested by a member that we have a digital form of a members logo that could be used in on-line profiles etc. As we have decided all foundation members will be up until the end of 2016 they are for 2016 ;)

Please find this attached. If you need a resize or a different format please let us know.

There are also membership stickers being made. We will distribute these to you asap to display on your Skis :)

* We are still trying to find a location to hold our Jet Ski Expo (Car boot and Trailer Swap meet with Dealer Exhibits). As soon as we can confirm a location this event will be in full swing.

* All manufacturers and Dealers have been invited to join the Association to support the industry that supports them. Next time you visit your local dealer how about giving him a friendly nod and a wink to make sure they join asap. We can contact them again if they like.

* Our planning sessions have highlighted our most important "To Do's" in what is a very long list. These will be published once its gone through its final clean up.

* Many hands make light work. If you or your Jet Ski mates are keen to do a little more to help the industry why not join an AJSA sub committee? We need a helping hand from as many like-minded Jet Skiers as possible so let us know if you have some time to spare.

* Membership is paramount. The waterways we ride today are always under threat from vote seeking ambitious politicians and minority groups of fun police. They will cease anything to light an emotional fire under any vulnerable vote.
The more members we have the more we can do to fight this morally void attack on what is a spectacular family sport. please encourage your fellow riding mates, service suppliers and anyone within the industry to do the right thing and step up for the cause.

* I hope to bring you all some very exciting statistics over the next few weeks. I have a bucket full to share but need to make them fit for human consumption and not just propeller heads ;)
Our sport is gaining momentum at a rate we have never seen. We're still outsold by the boats but not so much when they are broken down by a few groups of types ( more to come…).

* Our work in government is gaining much momentum. Last Monday I spent the day with many representatives. Most had experienced seeing bad behaviour on the waterways over the long weekend. All of them mentioned to me that since they were introduced to the AJSA causes they have come to realise that historically they were just were not noticing the huge number of extremely well behaved Jet Skiers in contrast.

The reports from all of them were what we already know. The bad behaviour was from an extremely low number of isolated incidences compared to the majority of our water users of the highest calibre.

I took this as a compliment as it was intended and encourage you all to give your selves a pat on the back and ride your Jet Skis with your heads held high :)


The AJSA Team.