Kooringal approached from the North through the Gutters

Hungry Stu

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What's the opinion of approaching Kooringal form the North through Frasers, Hendersons and Days Gutters? i.e. between Moreton Island and Crab Island.

Is it doable on a low tide? Or do I need a minimum of ?m to successfully navigate it?

I was hoping to do a Northern Bay clockwise loop this weekend, but it looks like the winds are picking up. Over 30kph at Tangalooma and South Passage are forecast.


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Hi Stu,

You shouldn't try at low tide. Your prop will cause more damage to all the amazing things one sees there. I tried before and turned around. It's not worth it. You're better off getting through the Rouse.


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Yes @Dirk is correct this is not able to be navigated at the kind of low tides we'll have this weekend. i've seen it around 12" at those times.

Please remember to :"Go Slow" for those below in all of the Go Slow Zones.

Most of that area until you're around 1.5kms off the western Moreton shore is Go Slow all the way to Tangalooma point.

This means you cant plane under any circumstances so going through even at high tide is a 25-35 minute ride - but it is amazing at high tide with little turtles and Dugongs everywhere.

I think the fine is around $375ish these days too btw and it's very heavily monitored all through the area and the Rouse.
The best way in and out of there is South of Peel Island!

Hungry Stu

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Thanks for the replies.

If the weather is good, I am planning for Sunday.

I have allowed 3hrs to get from Sandstone Pt to Kooringal (about 82km) so we are in no rush and will most certainly observe all go slow areas. If the water and the weather is good, we can easily push off the coast 1.5km it we feel the need for speed.

Looking forward to trying to find the Rous Channel. I have GPS plotted the whole adventure on the Garmin, but I am new to this, so we'll deal with any issues on the go.

Fingers crossed for gentle winds and small swell!