Jindalee to the Port of Brisbane at Low Tide

Hungry Stu

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I am trying to squeeze in a ride this weekend, but my only opportunity is at low tide.

I was thinking of putting in at Jindalee and cruising out to the mouth of the Brissy river, just for a sticky beak and some time on the water. I've never been on the river before.

Is low tide (0.49m @ Jindalee) doable for this ride, or should I find somewhere else to go?

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It will be ok but watch the channel markers very carefully. Deep draft vessels go up there all the time.

Given the windy conditions it's not a bad option. I find it an interesting ride but a bit too confined to do all the time.

The Ferry's are very aggressive so keep your distance off. Getting in the way of a commercial vessel can be very costly.

Have FUN!


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Low tide is not an issue as you'll see all the rocks rotflmao

Be careful as there is plenty of debris. I had several incidents from sticks to plastic sucked up the prop. Also, try to anchor the ski behind the pontoon or have someone holding them. All my chips on the ski are courtesy to the imbeciles using this area. Have fun.

Hungry Stu

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Thanks guys. Another good run. We did the reverse, from Colmslie up to Jindalee. 91km. Turned out, by shear luck, to be the best way. We had the wind at our back for the run home.

The perspective from the river is amazing. The houses and parks are just beautiful.

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Hi Stu , that’s a fun ride! I do it a bit but normally as far as the indooroopilly bridge. Is it still 6 knots next to kingsford smith drive to breakfast creek?

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