Jet Ski Warranty and Recall Information in Australia

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I have received so many calls from people having problems gaining simple warranty repairs done by Dealers I have decided to put some info together.

It will be a post that takes some time as I gather the legal information back. If you have an issue that isn't covered yet please contact me to discuss.
This is not legal advice just a guide to your options.

We have seen a Ski loose its paint on its second outing and some have sunk within a few weeks. All due to mechanical or design faults.
This often ends up being a timely repair for the devastated new owner but it may be a case of replace or refund. There is some info here:

We have seen Skis suffer serious damage within weeks of a warranty period ending but this may be an issue covered by Consumer Guarantees:

We see Skis go in for service to have expensive repairs carried out under the "replacement parts not covered by warranty"
These may be covered under fit for purpose:

We see Skis rejected for warranty as they were purchased outside of Australia. This is currently being investigated as it appears that in Europe and many other countries this is not the case. If you have suffered from this exclusion please let us know as there is a potential action.

We see Skis have their warranty claim rejected on the grounds of a 3rd party mechanical shop doing a service. This is only applicable if the service caused the fault.

A copy of the act can be found here:

The State consumer protection Agencies are here:

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Re: Manufacturers Contact Details - Australian Distributors

Your first port of call is theDealer where you purchased the Ski.

If this is unsatisfactory the next step is to contact the Australian distributors for the manufacturers.

Sea-Doo Watercraft, Can-Am, Ski-Doo, Johnson & Evinrude.
Main administration and sales office.
Warehouse and distribution centre for Australia and the Pacific Islands. Technical training facility and internal service workshop onsite.
6 Lord Street, Botany, 2019
Telephone Seadoo Australia - Tel: +61-2-93552700
Fax: +61-2-93552797

Kawasaki Motors Australia
Unit Q, 10-16 South Street,
Rydalmere NSW 2116
email form:
Extract from website:
Q. Will my warranty be affected if the periodic service is done by a non - Kawasaki Dealer?
A. No. Warranty covers the unit for manufactured defects. The quality or lack of periodic service has no influence on whether a failure is a manufactured defect or not.

Telephone Kawasaki Australia - 02 9638 6164

Yamaha Motors Australia
Contact Form link:
69 Rivergate Pl, Murarrie QLD 4172
Telephone Yamaha Australia - (07) 3906 7000

The Australian Jet Ski Association is a self funded not for profit that exists to protect the interests of the recreational Jet Skiers. If you are still unable to solve any issues please contact us for assistance:

Mandy Brown
0449 077 747

Jet Ski Club

Re: Jet Ski Recall Information in Australia

The ACCC provides recall information on Jet Skis here:

There is also the following links;


BRP (Sea-Doo) http://www. brp .com/en-au/recalls
Note: This link does not work and I have notified them of this (5.1.16)

Yamaha: No link on website. this has been requested (5.1.16)
Response 7.1.16: You can check safety Recalls at the following link.

This is an indirect link to the one we published above to the ACCC

Jet Ski Club

Re: Jet Ski known recalls in Australia

Current known recalls (5.1.16)


BRP—Sea-Doo SPARK Watercraft MY 201417th July 2014
American Honda Motor Co Inc—ARX1200T3D / N2 / N3 / T2 / T3 Personal Watercraft18th June 2014


Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd—Yamaha Wave Runner Jetski - Model VX180010th May 2012


Bombardier Recreational Products Inc—Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft15th November 2011


Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd—Kawasaki Jet Skis JT1500A9F and JT1500D9F19th October 2010


Kawasaki—Models JT900-E2 and JT1200-C2 Jet Skis23rd September 2009
Kawasaki—Models JT1500A9F, JT1500D9F and JS800A9F Jet Skis—Fuel Tank Replacement19th March 2009


Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd—Jet Ski31st December 2008
Yamaha Motor Australia—Water Vehicle14th November 2008
Yamaha—Water Vehicle—Model GP130010th April 2008
Yamaha—Water Vehicle—Model VX110010th April 2008


Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft28th December 2007
Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft28th December 2007
Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft28th December 2007
Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft28th December 2007
Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft4th September 2007


Kawasaki—Personal Water Craft Vehicles—Fuel Tank Vent Hose28th June 2006


Yamaha—VX1100 water vehicles7th September 2005
Kawasaki—Personal Watercraft Vehicle—Flush Fitting Hose Clamp Inspection17th August 2005
Yamaha—Water Vehicle Model (FX160) FX100027th April 2005
Yamaha—Water Vehicle Model (FX160) FX100027th April 2005


Kawasaki—Jet Ski Personal Watercraft13th October 2003


Kawasaki—Jet Ski Watercraft23rd November 2000


Kawasaki—Jet Ski Watercraft22nd November 1999
Kawasaki—Jet Ski Watercraft9th September 1999


Kawasaki—Ski - Hand Pole19th August 1998


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