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Jet ski dock


Hi everyone

I have a little question, and maybe you could help me.
After months of search I found a house to decorate behind my jet ski (which explain why I was not present at the last rides, sorry).

My question is : which jet ski dock should I choose to put under my beloved jet ski ?
I have a Seadoo Wake pro 215, and if I change will stick with big models from Yamaha or Seadoo.

I know a good solution is to have a big pontoon and rollers on top, but it is too expensive and I will have to do with the small jet ski dock attached to the old pontoon for a few years. The area is quite, and I wash seems to be minimal, so the pump should be fine providing the dock is big enough.

So my choices of jet ski dock are :

- a big flat grey plastic dock without rollers. It seems ok, but I am afraid it will scratch the hull with time. Does anyone have experience on this one ? There is a winch, which can come handy sometimes.

- the smalls grey cubes. Same question than with the flat block, and there are many brands available. Also I don’t know if the hull will love the constant change of pressure points from the block moving.

- the big flat plastic block, but with rollers. The rollers can solve the problem of scratching the hull. But they are tiny, much smaller than on a trailer, and put a lot of pressure on small points of the hull. In US forums people are complaining about damage on the jet ski hull. Does anyone have experience on these ?

Thanks for your help and advices



Fun First!
Hi Stephane, congratulations on the house :)
Docks sound like an awesome idea but they can be hard on Skis.

Problems we see are:
Damaged hulls from hitting the dock too hard when riding them on
Barnacles growing in the pump area and the hull where its close to the water
Pump bearings and props very shortened life span from salt water
sun damage to the top
Inside the hull excessively corroding from not being washed out due to not being able to drain them.

There are ways around this but the best one is to have a dock that gets them right out of the water if you can.
David just brought a beauty on Gumtree so second hand may be the way to go :)


Thanks Mandy

So the winch is a must have, to be able to gently lift the jet on the dock instead of hitting it at full speed to jump on it.
And also size is important to avoid to get the pump always in salt water.

And I agree, Gumtree is the way to go