Jet Ski Social Ride I am on the hunt for a whale watching ride this Sunday (30Jun).

Hungry Stu

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I could head out myself, but keen for a group. I am prepared to travel (tow) to the start.
Weather permitting of course, although I keep reading about terrible conditions, but keep seeing fantastic posts on calm water.

Jet Ski Club

Hey Hungry,

As luck would have it the weather is looking awesome for the weekend.
Sunday has gone to 100% low wind and bright sunshine (about time!) :)

But here's the catch.

We also have huge swells coming through so we can expect an 8' bar to cross and return through.

For this reason I suggest a departure from Paradise Point, exit through the seaway and return through Jumpinpin.

This will need to be for experienced riders only. You'll need to be able to handle big surf crossing seaward and returning back through the Pin.

As we'll be heading a fair way to the east you'll need V sheet, Flares and a PLB or EPIRB.

If you'd like to join us please reply below so we know who you are.

If the swell forcast reduces I'll post it up. Last weekend Caloundra was forcasted at 7.5 foot only to be 2-3 foot at the most!

I suggest we kick off at around 7.30 Stu or is that a bit too early for you?

Hungry Stu

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Thanks Mandy, 7:30 is fine. So, essentially a counterclockwise lap of South Straddie. Sounds awesome.

Gab and I are keen, however we don't have EPIRBs or PLBs, and always cautious to not underestimate bar crossings.

So, I'll check with the boss and if it's ok that we stick within the 2nm of the coast and reconnect at Jumpinpin, pencil us in.

If it's not ok, just let me know.

Cheers, Stu


Fun First!
OK great, if your ok with the bar crossing it wont matter if you stay within the 2nm Stu :)
Lets just watch the forecast though as the swell may drop by sunday too!


Fun First!
Lol, I think you'll be ok for this Brad. It looks like the swell will be dropping a fair bit now anyway.

PLB's and EPIRBS are only required if you're going more than 2nm off shore so we'll run 2 groups one inside the limit and one outside.

Everyone will need a V sheet and flares (unless staying in the shorebreak (<450m from the high tide mark) and all of us need a level 50 (type 2) red or yellow life jacket.

We'll be pushing off at 7.30 on the dot so we get the good water :)


Fun First!
Looks like the weather is actually going to turn one on for us :)
2knots from the s/w at 9am so it should be lovely.
Unicorn and Leprechaun gave me the "what about our turn" look so I guess we'll be bringing them :)
Looking forward to it after another flogging at work this week.
Bright sunny skies too!!!

john ross

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Hi Guys, my first post on the forum. Just wondering did you go out on Sunday? How was it? What was the swell at the bar like?

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Great day out - as always :)
The swell was quite big but very navigable.We had a lovely breakky at Couran Cove too.