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Huck & Hold Freestyle Championships - Portsea Back beach


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Hi All,
A few pics from todays competition.
What a Fantastic Location - Portsea Back Beach

Day started out overcast and there was a lot of haze... sun came thru in the afternoon.
Depending on the waves the competitors were often far far out and was difficult to get decent pics...


Jet Ski Club

Wow, unreal photos h"Ed. It looks like a great day of spectacular riding displays.
We've got the Gols Coast event coming up tis weekend. Hopefully it's sunny like Melbourne clp clp clp


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clp Awesome love it hED...lots of colour, sun shining & plenty of action on & off the water lovf


Krazy Koika

Love it Ed.

A woman in bikinis still gets more views than a guy 5 metres high, upside down with a jet ski over his head :)