Hey Queensland Jet Skiers, let's not ruin it for everyone

Jet Ski Club

A couple of issues keep coming through so lets all work together to try and cut back the number of public complaints coming through.

Firstly the 30 knot zone in the Coomera River at Paradise Point was an AJSA initiative from a few years back. We worked really hard to get it through but the complaints are putting it at risk.
Please try to stay under 6 knots until your well clear of the ramps and each other etc. If it doesn't calm down we could well loose this access.

Secondly there was a group of Jet Skiers who were a little untidy in Pumestone on the 8th of December. This too is a really sensitive area and it isn't fair on the great people involved in our sport that a few people are just as happy to ruin it for everyone.
Please treat the area with the respect it deserves so that we can all enjoy it from Jet Skis for the rest of time.
If you know who the clowns were who caused the trouble please let them know its ruining the sport for all of us.

Moreton Bay CC chose to randomly blame us for the problem. We weren't there bit this is an example of how off their heads these "authorities" are when it comes to Jet Skis. They over react at any given chance. This is politics at work.

Whilst that looser from the council will be receiving some extra "training" and possibly worse this wont stop them banning Skis at their first opportunity.

If you see riders doing the wrong thing consider asking them to move it off shore. Remember what we walk past we accept and if we don't work together to preserve what we have we'll loose it.


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