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Have your say in the biggest overhaul of rules in over a decade

Jet Ski Club

The Gold Coast Water Authority is reviewing all speed limits. Have your say now asap, before it's too late.

What's your thoughts on this issue?

If you share your views below theres a chance you've thought of something the media hasn't published.

This happens all the time as the reporting is always politically correct to support those that support them. e.g. they pay for advertising.

The statistics being published below are a tactic to swing your thoughts in the direction of the desired outcome of the Gold Coast Waterways so be aware of that.

The email out is attached fyi

If we work together we can all support what's best for Jet Skis on the Gold Coast.

Noise. Wash. Speed. Behaviour.

Have your say in the biggest overhaul of the rules on our waterways
in over a decade.

The Speed Limit Review is currently underway and we're calling for feedback on issues such as vessel wake and wash, transportation needs, vessel impacts, use of cameras, competition and conflict, and compliance and enforcement on our waterways.

So far, almost 70% of respondents believe that 40 knots is too fast for large vessels, 65% think that pictures should be used to educate about behaviour, and more than 80% of respondents support a 'drive to the conditions approach'. Now is your chance to tell us what you think.

As part of the review, we have released an interactive map that allows you to highlight areas of concern and suggest revised speeds. View the interactive map here. There is also an online survey and discussion paper available. Everyone is invited to comment.

The speed limit review will conclude mid-July so make sure you have your say. And to all those who have already participated in the review, thank you! We appreciate your contribution.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Download the discussion paper below

Take part in the online survey

View the interactive map



Fun First!
A battle for Gold Coast waterways is shaping up as residents push for blanket six knot speed

WATERSPORT hot spots are under threat as residents drowning in noise and wash call for reduced speed limits.

Jet ski and jet boat operators fear the push for a blanket six knot speed limit will be disastrous and deter thrillseeking tourists.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) is calling for community feedback on its speed limit review and already more than 150 responses have come through, many of them from residents pushing for its recommendation to extend slow speed zones across the Broadwater and Nerang River.

Jetboat Extreme manager Michael Gilmore has ­operated his business from Surfers Paradise for 10 years, and said while a fresh look at speed limits was needed, he hoped boaties would speak up in the consultation process.

“If there were any more six-knot zones that would take away from our business,” he said.

“They already need to be shortened and I know some local boaties are frustrated.”

“I understand there are noise complaints but reducing the speed limit doesn’t really help that. The longer you keep a boat in an area, the longer the noise will last, so slowing down doesn’t really help that.”

Jetpack Adventures operator Greg Weige said speed limit changes would not affect his business at Budds Beach, but it could be hindered if ­another of the review’s recommendations, to ban some water activities at particular times of day, was implemented.

“It would be good to see the boaties making comments rather than leaving it to the residents, who might not own a boat but have chosen to live in those areas by the water,” he said.

Since inviting feedback on the speed limit review discussion paper last week, GCWA chief executive Hal Morris said areas such as Hollywell, the Nerang River’s waterskiing hot spots, and tourist favourite Budds Beach had attracted the highest number of responses.

“We had complaints about Budds Beach, for example, where there are jet boats and jet pack rides. It’s something that people come from all over the country to do, but the residents complain about the noise,” Mr Morris said.

“With these kind of things it’s about finding a balance.

“What I’m trying to do is simplify it and to make sure that happens. We want to hear from as many people across the community as we can.”

Current 40-knot zones on the Broadwater, particularly sections close to Wave Break Island, had attracted requests to have the speed limit ­reduced. The review includes a number of other recommendations, including raising speed limits to 10-18 knots in certain areas to allow for water taxis or ferries to operate and using cameras to monitor and enforce speed restrictions and water behaviour.

Consultation is open until mid-July and members of the community and interest groups are invited to have their say through GCWA’s online survey and interactive map.

Any changes are due to be implemented by the end of the year after considering community feedback and consulting with water police and the State Government.
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Fun First!
Please make sure you all do the survey.

If these new proposals go through even going to Tipplers or Couran Cove will be out on a Ski.
I've met with the vendors in the area and asked them to spread the word which they will.

The "fast Lane" proposal is one of the most dangerous ideas I have heard. Putting all boats at 40 knots (70-80kms) withing a few meters of each other, in both directions is a disaster waiting to happen. Basically if you get hit by a big wake and dismount a Cruiser is likely to mow you down before you can say "wheres my Ski".

You have to wonder who comes up with these ideas? I have to guess they have never been on a boat or Ski.


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I did the survey last week. I'm not opposed to the fast lane as everyone has still to drive to conditions. I see your point though, Mandy.

What concerns me is the unprofessional construction of the survey. There are enough laws that are simply not enforced. Whoever approved the survey should at least try to hide their true intentions. A five years old could have done a better job. And these are the people in charge. God help us.

I'm going to buy a property near the Brisbane airport and then complain about the planes and noise.


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Dirk said:
I did the survey last week. I'm not opposed to the fast lane as everyone has still to drive to conditions. I see your point though, Mandy.

What concerns me is the unprofessional construction of the survey. There are enough laws that are simply not enforced. Whoever approved the survey should at least try to hide their true intentions. A five years old could have done a better job. And these are the people in charge. God help us.

I'm going to buy a property near the Brisbane airport and then complain about the planes and noise.
I couldn't agree more Dirk. The survey is unprofessional and the only problem is lack of enforcement of the current laws.


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I did the survey last week and to be honest looking at the content and the way in which the questions have been phrased it is ,to me anyway, a decision already made and now needs the justification of a survey to support the powerful and no doubt wealthy and inflential residents who live on these waterways (certainly not all though).... Sorry to be negative but i fear the worst from this survey as it was very clever in how it was worded / constructed.... Lets hope the gods of common sense prevail.


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Smells of cruise ship planning to me



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Cath and I have both done the survey
It is clear it has been constructed to support a decision that has already been made
The questions have been very carefully phrased and I expect that they have done it this way to be able to dilute/dismiss our responses as lacking credibility and validity
We need to mount a serious offensive to combat this blatant form of gerrymandering by Council
I have been using the Grand ramp since 1963 and I am not happy about it closing


Jetskiers. Species evolved.
cr0k well I've just taken the survey, and while I am not sure I necessarily agree with the slant that the survey was prepared to justify a decision already taken, I do believe that the person/s who designed/engineered the survey:
a) has little knowledge of boating, and especially sailing, and particularly the wash that different types of vessels/hulls produce at different speeds, not just the size of the vessels.
b) has no working knowledge or significant experience in boating on the broadwater.
the whole survey was disjointed, the questions off the mark, or irrelevant, and the results it will throw will in no way reflect the common will. wtfsm

Nevertheless the results of the survey will largely be ignored. Money drives everything on the Goldie. Always has.

Jet Ski Club

Email communication received by Jet Ski Club and all respondents today.


Thanks for sharing your views by completing our web survey. You indicated that you would like to be added to our mailing list and we will do so at the end of the survey. However, this is a one-off email to encourage stakeholders to access the interactive mapping tool we’ve created for the Speed Limits Review.

The web survey, which you completed, has been up for about 7-weeks and we’ve had over 1,000 responses. This is a terrific outcome (the 2008 review had about 250 submissions). By contrast, we’ve only had about 150 responses through the interactive mapping tool (‘web-GIS’)the mapping tool. It was launched later and has only been up for about 4-weeks, so we are hoping the response rate will improve before we close the consultation.

If you haven’t provided feedback through the mapping tool yet, please consider doing so. Whereas the survey was focused on “policy” and “strategy” options, the mapping tool is intended to capture stakeholder views about specific geographic areas – particularly locations within Gold Coast waterways. Even if you don’t have a specific concern, you might like to have a look at what has been suggested by those who have used the tool to provide responses (see instructions below). To access the tool, use the link below:

From the map page, you can right click with your mouse and select “Help” to get a pop-up window with instructions. For convenience, these instructions have been copied below. The web-GIS we’ve developed is a relatively new form of consultation (in academic terms it falls into the category of Public participation – Geographic Information systems or PP-GIS). Our intent is to promote a conversation. The map does this by allowing the community to see what others have said in real time during the consultation, rather than having to wait until consultation is closed and the results are reported. We’re encouraged by the evident willingness of the GC community to participate in this novel approach and realise that it may not suit everyone, whether by preference or possibly technology issues. We will aim to provide some accessible summaries at the end, such as maps that show the areas and suggestions received during the consultation, so that as much as possible our consultation can be broadly inclusive.

Thanks again for your contribution.

PS – the review is scheduled to close Friday week, 18 July, so if you’d like to use or view the mapping tool, now is the time.
• Access the interactive mapping tool at the address above
• When you move your cursor over one of the coloured (green, yellow, red) waterways polygons a window will pop up with information and links
• Use the links to make a suggestion for that polygon, see what others have suggested, or review all of the suggestions you have made
• Turn various layers off or on in the Legend menu (if this isn’t open, click the “Show Legend” button at the left of the top menu bar)
• Navigate left/right/up/down by left clicking and holding and then dragging the map
• Zoom in or out using the scroll wheel of your mouse if it has one, or by selecting one of the magnifying tools on the left side of the screen
• To go back to the hand tool (if your cursor changes) it’s at the top of the left hand tool bar, above the magnifying glasses
• As you zoom in on the map, the section ID will be displayed – this may be helpful if you are trying to review your results
• When you are done making comments, just close the window – there is no need to “submit” or finalise your comments
• Your response will be saved against the “IP Address” of the computer you use
• Only one response per computer is allowed
• Return to the site at any time during the review (through June) to amend your responses or see the comments other people have added


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Just completed the survey... I agree its pretty much beating about bush.

"Should the GC waterways be managed by those with a vested interest in destroying it?"

How about "strongly DISAGREE".

Jet Ski Club

Well done everyone, your hard work is really paying off.
If you haven't done the survey time is just about up so please do it today.

At the Queensland Boating council meeting last night it was reported that over 40% of the respondents have Jet Skis. This is the highest response from our sector ever clp

Also over 85% have indicated a preference to a "drive to conditions" approach to speed regulations clp

Keep the surveys coming !!!