Go Slow for those below! - Moreton Bay


Fun First!


Fun First!
Hi everyone, A group of around 15 Jet Skis were observed riding on the plane through the "Go Slow" zone just on the northern side of Tangalooma wrecks last Sunday.

They were heading north probably to the rock pools etc.

We appreciate that not everyone who rides is interested in upholding the reputation we have worked so hard to create for our sport, but if you know who they are please let them know we are more than happy to guide them through the maps for Moreton Bay.

If this continues to happen we will be banned from the entire area (like Melbourne is now experiencing in Port Phillip Bay).

This is becoming more and more possible every time these reports surface :( Don't let the wayward few ruin it for all of us, let's get them educated asap!

Jet Ski Club

The Jetskiers reported in the Go Slow zone on Sunday were discussed at the QRBC meeting last night.

Of significant importance is that it was other jet Skiers who were concerned at this.

This reinforces our position that not all JetSkiers are a problem only a few of the minority ever cause a problem.

I've had many questions about why this is important. To explain I have attached a report from early March of a beautiful female Dugong who was in the prime of her life. They are much slower than a 100km/ph Jet Ski and when it's shallow they simply can't get out of the way.

If the water is a light colour its probably shallow as a guide.

Please note that no one is saying a Jet Ski did this for certain. Let's all work together - (I think we're all on the same side) and make sure we never do!