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Full Moon Ride - Monday Jan 21st at 5pm from the Grand Boat ramp


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

With the weather reshuffle its now looking stunning for the full moon on Monday night.

There's no cloud forecasted and there's not much wind around either.

The plan is to launch at 5pm from the Grand Boat Ramp at Marine Parade Labrador.

Then we'll grab some charis seafood takeaway and go and sit off shore to eat dinner, watch the sun set and the super full moon in all its glory.

You will need a type 2 or level 50 life jacket flares and v sheet for this ride and navigation lights of course. PLBs or EPIRBS are great but optional and you'll need 1 full tank only.

We'll probably ride down and sit off Surfers Beach too to look at the lights

Bring your cameras too as it's going to be very scenic

Should be back at the ramp no later than 8pm.

Hope to see you then!


Fun First!
wh Who's coming out to see the full moon tonight?

For those of you running late from work we will be at the ramp around Charis Seafood until 6pm so dont rush!

Whatever you do bring your camera! cmra hd1 rdsk1

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