Friday 22nd December '17 - Somerset Dam


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

For those of you lucky enough to be on holidays wh were heading up to Somerset on Friday to test some Skis and GPS a track for some racing FUN!!!! in late January.

The plan is to leave the Goldie at around 6.30 so convoy along if you like or meet us up there.

Its just a day trip so we'll be heading off in the arvo :( But will be riding heaps all week anyway blma

We'll set up just North of the Boat Ramp, hope to see you there ml1



Fun First!
Awesome day yesterday and the Jet Ski Festival looks like its shaping up to be a brilliant weekend on Jet Skis.

We'll release more info soon but at this stage it looks like we'll have licensing for Boats and Jet Skis, a Jet Skiing Quick Start best practices clinic for newbies wanting to know more "how to's", a fishing comp and a bit of racing wh

Save the dates Jan 20 & 21st if you want to book your camping spot early let them know your with the Jet Ski Club so they can put you in our reserved area and you'll also get 10% off. There are also Cabins and Glamping tents on hold for us which also get 10% off.

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