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dess post broken off at the spit


Hi all.

Last weekend we had great fun with our 2013 GTX155 at The Spit with my family. The weather was clear, the water was calm.

Towards the end of the day when I was pulling the key off the jet ski, the tip of the dess post came off together with the key. Now half of the post is on the jet ski, and the other half still stuck in the key. When you push the key in to the post (in the right way) the jet ski still starts and rides just fine.

Has anyone got a how to guide or a video on installing a new dess post? done quite a bit of search, lots of pages about the problem, but no guide or a video.

On eBay the item costs under $100, but the local dealer is asking $340~$360 to fix it. Plus they tried to sell me a new key for an additional cost.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Must have been the weekend to break things. I managed to break the lug on the battery cable wsle

If it rides and the key doesn't move whilst you're riding, you might wish to leave it as it is. Not worth the hassle.