BRP electric concepts: Motorbikes, go karts, jet ski, and more!

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OK, so we've all seen the negativity surrounding the launch of the new range from BRP and yep it does appear that the marketing team at BRP may not know their Jet Skiers too well indeed rotflmao

But take away the marketing an there's quite a nice range under there with the exception of a few colour disasters. zl

Now what seems to have been the biggest news and went relatively un-reported was the direction of BRP themselves and where they are headed.

As we reported a while ago BRP purchased an electric motor company.
Coupled with the obvious improvements of watertight hulls (despite the treacherous carbone seal) It looks like this is where they are headed.

While Jet Ski sales have slowed considerably in recent years, Motorbikes have rapidly increased.

Many of you who I ride with have gone back to bikes and its no secret that we have gone back to them too, despite my ongoing preference for Jet Skis ;)

So here it is BRP are going head on into the Motorbike arena via the electric evolution.
Its only a matter of time before your new Jet Ski ( BRP concept image below) will be too! hba


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