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Broadwater Celebration & Information Day Saturday September 6th 2014


Fun First!
Thank you all again. The feedback I've received about the Jet Skiers has been way beyond expectations.

The small things we do will make all the difference to our enjoyment of the water. One day we will have the equal respect that we deserve as all users of the water.

Your efforts have done so much for the general reputation of all Jet Skiers within the community. Who would have thought!

Thank you also to Stephen McMillan for the wonderful coverage of the day and all our wonderful Jet Ski attire lmao


Jet Ski Club

thx again to everyone. It was certainly a windy day and the sound hasn't come up as well as it could have but still a great reminder of the efforts everyone went to on the day. Hope fully we get to enjoy Wavebreak for many years to come!