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Bald Hills Boat Ramp DEEP WATER BEND Nth Pine River

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Bald Hills Boat Ramp DEEP WATER BEND Nth Pine River
Wyampa Rd, Bald Hills, QLD 4036,153.034994,249m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b93e35c51f8e6b5:0xf02a35bd72198d0

The ramp
Concrete ramp allowing room for up to 2 trailers at a time to launch of reasonable good quality. There is a floating pontoon to tie up on or there is also another seperate walk bridge pontoon. The ramp can be slippery.

Car Parking
Adjacent parks for vehicles & trailers however fills quickly during busy periods. There is however parking available in the streets.


This ramp can be very busy but predominantly only in summer.
Due to this ramp being very well protected from parkland it is not the most secure. Lock your car and don't leave anything in sight if you use this ramp at night.
Can be an "Boat park" when everyone wants to return at the same time.

Tinchi Tamba reserve and picnic area is located next to the ramp with a nice picnic area. You can also fish from the boardwalk.
Be warned you will need the Aeroguard here or in mozzie season you will be carried away.
There are no shops here.
Toilets and fish cleaning facilities
This is the ramp a lot of water skiers launch their boats from and then drive upstream about 3km to the Acacai park (Castle hill) ski area.



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Can also suffer from strong currents and wind, also watch for fishing line from the boardwalk area.