Australian Jet Ski Association Updates – Nov 2015


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Australian Jet Ski Association Updates – Nov 2015

Wow, Here we are half way through November already. Hopefully the unsettled weather will start to recover from its Spring excitement and we will be back having some awesome social rides soon.

Tangalooma: The wrecks at Tangalooma have now been lowered. Unfortunately they don’t look as good as they once did on top of the water.
  • For those of you who missed our earlier notices, some parts of the higher structures had started to drop into the Sea. The concern was that a child or entire Boat could get hit by a falling piece of rust so the work was done to control the danger instead of leaving it up to nature.The great news is that the parts that were cut down have been laid on the sea bed adjacent to the wrecks. This has increased the diving area substantially and the Fish have already begun to move into it.
  • The official position is that it’s still a dangerous area to dive due to sharp rust and structure collapse, so the warning signs will go back up, but its much safer than it was before the recent work.
  • Unfortunately they also found asbestos in the wreck. This was tested to confirm and is considered dangerous. However it is under the waterline most of the time.
  • 300% increase in fines. While we’re on Tangalooma, unfortunately there has been a 300% increase in infringement notices being issued for people travelling on the plane in “Go Slow” areas. Most of these $471 fines have been issued to Jet Skiers. As a result of these damaging statistics the patrols are now going to be stepped up.
  • Our hope is that no one gets caught doing this as it makes those of us doing the right thing get tarred with the same old brush. If you see someone on a Ski on the plane in “Go Slow” zones please politely let them know it’s considered a really serious offence and is putting the rest of us at risk of losing access to these waterways.
  • For those of you who are unsure here is a link to the maps of the “Go Slow zones around Tangalooma.
  • There is no go slow in the area out in front of Tangalooma Resort. Just to clarify “go slow”. I’m sure you all know of the 6 knot zone around the wrecks. Obviously this is tied to the distance off rules from swimmers and any other vessel.
  • However a “Go Slow” zone is different. It stipulates to not be planing. So it is a little quicker than 6 knots. It’s designed to let the endangered marine life that breeds in the area to get out of your way.
  • Especially the slower moving pregnant animals and their babies. Some of these include Dugongs, Turtles, Dolphins, whales, stingrays, Manta-rays and Sharks etc.
  • If you are ever in the area I highly recommend floating around with the motor off for a while. I have never stopped and not seen something beautiful in the water

  • Tipplers: Tipplers passage is now going through some upgrades. The pontoons are being extended. Once this is done some dredging will be carried out. The sand will then be placed on the Beach in an effort to widen it and give us much more room to beach our Skis, especially at high tide. Then more of us can have fun at Tipplers together!

  • National Regs: The national regulations are starting to come together. It is a huge amount of work and still has some way to go but we should be able to bring you all some exciting news really soon.

  • Can you help out with PCYC?: Does anyone have some spare time of December the 11th? We’re helping out the PCYC with their Project Booyah graduation day. This will involve taking a few Kids that have been involved in the project for a spin on our Skis. The idea is to show them just how great life can be if you knuckle down and work hard. It will run for around 3-4 hours at Seaworld and will be heaps of fun. The more helpers we have the easier it will be to co-ordinate. So if you can spare a few hours, with or without a Ski please let us know.

  • Any issues?: Remember if you discover any issues around the country that are effecting our use of the waterways let us know so we can deal with quickly for us all to benefit from. If you would like to become a member of the AJSA and help us to work for the industry please join here.

  • Special Offer on Gaths: If anyone is in the market for a new Gath Helmet, the Jet Ski Club has negotiated a terrific deal for all Jet Skiers. You can find the details here

  • Happy holidays riding, stay safe and have heaps of fun!

The AJSA Team.

Mandy Brown.
m. 0449 077 747



Thank you mandy for all the info.
Still thinking about getting a helmet.

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