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Australian Jet Ski Association Information


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The Australian Jet Ski Association was formed by a group of long term experienced Jet Ski enthusiasts.
Together they bring an experienced knowledge base of many years of Jet Ski riding and adventures, a combination of business acumen, sports management and administration, Jet Ski Safety, Jet Ski Rescue, Education, Racing and political standing.
The goal of the Australian Jet Ski Association is to represent the interests of the owners and riders of more than 82,000 registered Jet Skis in Australia.
To uphold the value that the water belongs to everyone and that everyone is able to share the water in harmony given the facilities and education.
To provide special education and training programs to advance the Riding, Rescue and performance Skills of the members.
To bring education to the forefront with dedication to courtesy and respect to all water users.
To demonstrate the value of a Jet Ski to all water users by providing the leading on water rescue services to the community.
Our mission is to; Cultivate a respected industry and community by demonstrating all of the positive aspects of the use of personal watercraft.
Provide representation into legislation improvements and protect the interests of Watercraft where a conflict may occur with other water users Ensure adequate facilities for launching and Riding Jet Skis exist and fairness is applied throughout the marine industry.
Counter negative political pressures and generalisations.
Grow support in the media and improve public perception.
Expand the safety and skills of riders by making available advanced training courses
Provide a central point of information and bring all Jet Skiers together for a common goal to improve the industry
Create a database of certified Trainers for licensing that have a high level of experience and knowledge of Jet Skis specifically.
Provide the members of our community easy access to the businesses who support their sport and have agreed to uphold the values of the industry association.
Work with and assist all other Jet Ski Associations, Clubs and district/social riding groups in a common goal to improve the industry and to enable professional event permitting.
The Association is based in Queensland however the functionality of the Association and the Advanced Training and Water Rescue services are national.
As the association grows we will introduce state based clubs as affiliated associations.
The association will seek nominations from interested Clubs or individuals to represent the other States and Territories where an presence is required.

The AJSA is not intended to replace the other special interest based associations and clubs. It is intended to assist them in growing their special focus wherever possible by leveraging the positions held by the associations board members throughout the industry.

All Jet Skiing associations, clubs, social groups and district riding groups are encouraged to join the association to be included on our list of Clubs for interested Jet Skiers to locate them easily.

The Australian Jet Ski Association is a not for profit. Please support your industry association by becoming a member.

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Jetskiers. Species evolved.
gp i think that this will be fantastic for the sport, to bring it into the 21st century, with genuine representation by people who have no agenda to push, other than to pursue the interests of the whole sport, whether that be via pursuing education/training, positive legislative changes, and providing a positive information flow to sport participants. Thanks very much for taking the initiative and helping our sport mk007


Jetskiers. Species evolved.
I've joined up, $20 for a family membership, cheap as chips thx