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Aqua X Racing 2018 RuleBook

2018 AquaX Rulebook
The intent of a specific rule will override a competitor’s interpretation of a rule. The intent of a rule will be determined by competent officials. If any rule is unclear to the competitor, the competitor is advised to get written approval prior to any modifications.

The P1 Aquacross Team will answer any requests for rule clarifications or interpretations. Requests must be submitted in writing by the riders to the Series Administrator. Any prior verbal approval from P1 staff or officials without a written statement from the Series Administrator with regard to the interpretation of a rule or procedure will be deemed invalid.

Please note; that while every effort has been made to write these rules in a clear and unambiguous fashion, it is impossible to anticipate every circumstance. It will be the Race Director’s responsibility to make decisions regarding rules enforcement.

Any rule update/addendum to these rules will be posted on the Aquacross website.

Published Feb 4th 2018


Dear AquaX riders, firstly thank you for participating in the 2018 AquaX Rules comment and suggestion survey. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the continued development of the AquaX series. The 2018 rulebook is now ready for publication but for the purpose of ease, we have bullet pointed the main changes below. Full details can be found in the 2018 AquaX rulebook.

With the continuing expansion of P1’s racing programme and the growing enthusiasm for riders to compete in more than one series, from 2018 P1 is implementing a membership scheme for all competitors to help reduce administration. Riders taking part in any P1 event must now hold a valid P1 membership issued by P1 Series Administrator to compete in the series. The cost of membership is automatically included in the entry when registering for rider’s first event of the season and is valid until first event of the following year.

All memberships will include a personal login to the AquaX membership portal on the AquaX website. From here you will be able to submit your personal details easily and enter all available AquaX events on the 2018 calendar. By entering through the membership portal, you will save time and effort by ensuring you no longer have to re-submit your personal details for each entry.

2018 Racer membership will cost $20.00, £15, €15. Once a member, a racer can compete in any series. Each racer will receive a supporting P1 race package. Full details of the racer package will be announced shortly.

AX54 HANDLING – ENDURO CLASSES - seat must remain stock, covers maybe aftermarket. The OEM seat height cannot be changed by more than +/-12.7mm (0.5 in). Original shape and design must not change. No extra air intake allowed.

• The 2018 Sea-Doo RXTX removable rear seat must be in situ. when racing. This rule will be enforced due to safety concerns. (Lack of back protection).

AX57 ENGINE - FOUR-STROKE ENDURO CLASSES - Use of value retainers will be permitted in the Pro category.
We also remind you that under this same category, engine covers must remain situ in all classes.

AX59. IGNITION AND ELECTRONICS - We received a variety of comments, with the majority of the suggestions focusing around the Amateur Enduro class and the allowance of re-flashed ECUs. After much debate, we agree to support this request, however the current speed limit for the Am 300 class will remain in place. A speed limit will also be applied to 200hp class.


Due to declining interest, the 250hp class will not be offered in 2018.


(b) 1. Any rider taking part in the AquaX Pro World Championships who places in the top 30 will be given the choice to run that number for the following 12 months or until the next world championship event or whichever comes first. If they choose to run their ranked number for this period their original race number will be held on file.

AX 18. (a) HELMETS
All helmets must have a minimum of 50% coverage of hi-visibility/bright colour – black or dark coloured helmets will not pass safety tech.

(a) Non-or late attendance at this briefing will result in an instant $50 or local currency equivalent fine per person, with a re-scheduled briefing being held at the P1 Director’s convenience. The fine will be payable prior to racing.

(a) If a rider misses a mark and the advantage is considered greater than taking the penalty mark a further time penalty may be added by the Race Director in line with the advantage gained.

AX39. POINT SYSTEM – updated

AX39. 2018 Points system all classes
Download PDF:
AX39. 2018 Points system all classes

AX2 (L). WORLD RANKINGS EXPLAINED – This is an area we get a lot of questions about. Hopefully this will provide clarity of how the AquaX world ranking structure works. Please note: The Wolding Rankings are different to the World Championships.

The AquaX World Rankings, launched in 2014 to identify the most consistent and talented AquaX riders in the world, continues to add another element to competition as racers battle it out for that coveted world ranked number one vest each year.

With over 250 riders now having made an appearance in the AquaX World Rankings, it has certainly become one of the series biggest talking points with the top 50 revealed every three months via the AquaX website and social media platforms.

The rankings are calculated using two years’ worth of results, with results from the last 12 races within the last 12 months taking more precedence than those recorded between 12 and 24 months regardless of region or championship, to ensure those in form and still racing with the series are rightly the focus of the rankings.

There are several factors that impact on your ranking points. These are as follows:

1. The level of race class - Pro, Pro/AM or AM.
2. The level of competition – The number of top 30 AX world ranked riders in the race.
3. The water conditions – Surf, choppy or flat.
4. Number of racers – The number of riders on the start line in any given race.
5. Race position – Where the racer finishes (individual race not round).

In amateur racing the world ranking points are taken from your overall finishing position within all classes that raced. For example, if a rider finished 10th in the 300 class but two 200 class riders finished ahead of them they would record world ranking points for 12th place.

The world rankings are constantly changing with points from races over two years old dropping away as the season rolls on, ensuring an ever-changing landscape that allows new riders to make their mark after just a year or two years of racing on the AquaX Tour.