An Invitation to all "Newbies" - getting Started

Jet Ski Club

Firstly, Welcome to anyone thinking of joining the wonderful world of Jet Skiing wc

You will find it to be a magnificent way to have fun, keep fit and meet heaps of awesome people.

Getting started is the hardest part but don't let that stop you. Once you have your "toe in the water" you'll never look back rotflmao

Please feel free to post any questions that you have. There are hundreds of experienced people who wil be able to offer you great advice to keep you on the right track.

If your not keen on posting your questions just give me a call and I'll be happy to have a chat to you about anything Jet Skis from what to buy, how to care for it, how to get a licence, what to wear etc :)

See you on the water soon :)

Kind Regards,

Mandy Brown
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Re: An Invitation to all "Newbies" - getting Started

Hi All,
I'm relatively new to the jetski world. I've had my 2015 FX SVHO for about 3 months and before that about 25 years of motorbikes. I did have an old 2 stroke Seadoo about 15 years ago for a short period.
I'm loving the new ski & get out most weekends to ride it, whether it be out in the dams or down the Gold Coast.
I've explored around Southport/Stradbroke island which is great, but I'm also looking at other destinations that will "float my boat". [emoji3]
I was thinking of a trip to Tangalooma or similar and would appreciate any tips from seasoned jet skiers like fuel requirements, best places/things to do when arriving or best place to launch from...Redcliffe, Cleveland, Manly?

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wc Craig,

Congratulations on joining the best sport in the world! Great choice in Ski too btw.
Tangas is a great destination. You probably won't need extra fuel but I always put 10 litres in the front of supercharged Skis. Cleveland is a bit further and a bit tricky to navigate so ride to Manly and set course from there.

Grab a copy (if you don't have one) of Beacon to Beacon

This will help you locate the Go Slow Zones around there which is really most of the Western shore of Moreton to just north of Tangalooma. The zones have markers to let you know where they are and it's around a $400 fine if you speed through them.

Diving around the wrecks is very dangerous atm as the structures keep falling down but the resort is open for business and they have awesome food

If the weather gets a bit better we may go over the weekend after this weekend so I will post something up if we do and you can join the group :)

Hope to see you on the water soon!


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Re: An Invitation to all "Newbies" - getting Started

Hi Mandy,
Thanks very much for the tips. Sounds pretty nice. I'll keep checking in on the site to see what's happening.

See you on the water. [emoji41]

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