Advice Required - Weather Conditions for an anticlockwise lap of Bribie

Hungry Stu

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Hi All,

I am looking for advice on weather conditions for riding up the surf side of Bribie. I am thinking 07 May, Monday. Specifically, what wind and swell conditions are "too much." Any advice would be appreciated.

We have two ski's, GTX230's so its not a solo trip. We're very new to the sport, but we are confident riders. Plan B will be to up and back to Caloundra via the passage, but our preference is to try the surf.

Current forecast weather conditions: 16 - 25 Mostly Sunny

Woorim Ocean Beach Caloundra
LT 8:40am 8:00am 8:00am
HT 2:30pm 1:20pm 1:15pm
Swell E SE 2.2m Moderate E SE 2.3m Moderate E SE 2.3m Moderate
Wind S SE 24.1km/hr Moderate S SE 24.1km/hr Moderate S SE 24.3km/hr Moderate
Rain 0 5% 5%


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Hey Mate,

Keep an eye on magic seaweed. Its the only one apart from BOM you can trust ( as much as you can trust any forcasting due to its unpredictability).

Many others use free weather station data that is then computer modelled to be estimated for off shore.

So getting back to Monday. In short this would be a difficult ride with a potentially tricky bar crossing coming back in.

Were only talking about a 70-80 percent accuracy atm though so it may change.

I'm not saying it's not do-able. Just that it will be hard work, uncomfortable and carries a high risk of unscheduled swimming coupled with difficult conditions should a breakdown or rescue be on the cards.

Unles it improves, you'll enjoy the inside so much you won't mind seeing it from both directions. The view is stunning.

May even join you!


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Hey Stu, ive done that ride maybe 30 times. it can be a tricky nav. Personally I wouldn't ride the passage on a LWS+1.0m high tide. Just my 2c.


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johno said:
Hey Stu, ive done that ride maybe 30 times. it can be a tricky nav. Personally I wouldn't ride the passage on a LWS+1.0m high tide. Just my 2c.
Hey mate, local knowledge is a must for navigating the passage at low tide. A moderate SE wind will make it a bit unpleasant outside. Bottom of Bribie is like a washing machine most of the time due to wind and 3 different currents all converging around Red Beach area. Hope this helps. P.S. there are a couple of damaged/missing channel markers around The Narrows at the moment too. Print off a beacon to beacon and study it.

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2 meter swell, 7.5 sec intervals, 23km winds.

Do able, although won’t be comfortable.
You will have difficulty around red beach / skirmish point (the washing machine)

Your bar crossing is not treacherous, but if you haven’t been over it before, based on this graph I’d be waiting for a better day to learn.

Best way to gauge the run, head south under the bridge. If you are wave jumping as early as Bribie Jetty, turn around and do a passage run north and south.

If the waves don’t start til red beach then it will be ok.

The weather charts aren’t gospel and always subject to change. Review the ride again on Saturday. May of improved.

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Hungry Stu

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Thanks everyone. Some great points I'll take on board.

Looks like the wind is picking up, but I'll keep an eye on it. If it is looking reasonable, we'll probably go around to Red Beach and the Washing Machine and see what it looks like.

If we don't feel comfortable we'll turn around and do the inside run. At the time we are planning to go we'll run up and down the passage on a 0.97m increasing to 1.58m incoming tide.

Still running them in so in no rush whatsoever. Actually prefer to take longer. May stop in at Mission beach for a coffee stop.

Fingers crossed for the wind.