Advice of night riding brisbane river


Hi, just looking for people who have riden brisbane river at night or advise of the rules and regs. Is it aloud , is there anywhere to stop
I have nav lights


Fun First!
The Brizzy River is an amazing ride but you do need to take care with it.

There are a couple of temporary 6 knot zones to watch out for. They are well signed.

Make sure you stay well away from all commercial vessels like Ferries. Stay right and give them 60m distance off.

The wakes are quite large from them so be aware you cant pull up anywhere without anchoring off.

The run west of the city is excellent and you will chew fuel like theres no tomorrow. Just watch out for debris as it could get stuck in your pump.

Have awesome fun :)


Fun First!
Yes we have done. We view it as quite hazardous with large groups though. If someone comes of in "dark water" it's very dangerous.

It also puts the Ferry operators off side due to riders not riding strictly as they should. This gives the sport a poor reputation which is against our charter :) .

As you need a permit for groups of more than 20 we tend to do smaller rides up there.

Sometimes stopping off at Manly for dinner on the way :)

I'll let you know next time!