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Author Topic: Jet Ski Information Jet Ski Licencing  (Read 3195 times)

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Jet Ski Information Jet Ski Licencing
« on: September 20, 2015, 07:20:29 AM »
 wc to all the new Riders to the Jet Ski Industry. You've joined the most fun and exciting sport on the planet so get ready for the time of your life  wh

But before you get started you'll need a licence in most states in Australia (except NT).

Over the last few years there has been many community groups pushing for tougher licencing. We kind of see why, as a few loose cannons are usually what the general public takes notice of.

However, as most experienced riders would agree, there are NO bad Jet Skis just bad people riding them. All the licence testing in the world doesn't stop them.

So we've come up with the top few things that people need to know before they go riding. These include issues such as maintaining a safe distance off, checking weather forcasts and pre ride mechanical checks.

We then set about finding the best licence testers in Australia. The ones who really care about the reputation of Jet Skiing and who actually do ride a Ski for fun, socialising and adventure.

We've now assembled a team around the country to deliver the best possible Jet Ski licence training to make sure all "newbies" have enough information to get started and having fun.

This licencing is now available to everyone in Australia and you are able to book by going to www.jetSkiLicence.Online

The costs have been kept to the same as all other licencing trainers but you will also get another level of Jet Ski expertise to get you going in the right direction!

The course consists of on line and/or instructor led theory and practical training  depending on which state you're in.

All Jet Ski licences include a Boat licence if you don't already have one.

Once you have you're licence you'll be invited to join us on special rides for newbies to show you around and meet some other like minded Jet Skiers.

See you on the water soon :)


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See you on the water for some FUN!
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