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Author Topic:  Jettribe RS-15 Moto Pants: No More Need to Wear MotoX Pants  (Read 1533 times)

Offline Jettribe

The Jettribe Moto Riding Pants are designed and specially built for
the true PWC rider, not just motocross pants worn in the water.
With the PWC rider in mind, our Jettribe R&D team built these riding pants to provide maximum flexibility, comfort, and protection.

Our riding pants are specially designed not only to protect
riders’ legs from getting the typical bumps and bruises usually experienced during a day of riding. Our moto pants also protect riders from the cold factors that are caused from being wet and the extreme wind you feel while going fast on the water. Our pants are also less restrictive than wetsuits and easier to get out of, while still providing warmth and comfort.  Some added features that set our moto pants apart from others include: compression foam molded pads for added protection (these pads will not absorb water and they stay light), tough nylon material that is light, strong, and provides wind and water resistance, air mesh panels to allow water to pass through, neoprene panels with “Jet Grip” silicone to allow maximum flexibility as well as grip for your runabout seats, dual side pockets with built in drain holes, and our single pull tight system allows for instant belt release or tightening.

The Jettribe Moto Pants are tested and literally “used and abused” by many of our team riders at the IJSBA World Finals. Yes, these pants are not only tested, but race tested.

The Jettribe Moto Pants are not built to replace the wetsuit but they are a great alternative. They provide the PWC rider with comfort and protection against the elements while looking very cool on or out of the water. 

We hope you enjoy our Moto Pants! Stay safe and ride

The Jettribe Family
Sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 (Unisex)
Web: jettribe.com
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