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So what do you think? Is it better to have safety in the area south of wavebreak to Sundial Bridge improved by....

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6 Knots on every vessel in busy times
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All of the above
3 (100%)
Do nothing, witness a tragedy and get banned
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Author Topic: Jet Ski News Gold Coast Jet Skiers - This is important!  (Read 12898 times)

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Jet Ski News Gold Coast Jet Skiers - This is important!
« on: November 27, 2018, 09:30:41 AM »
Hi JetSkiers,

Yesterday I was contacted by several people who had witnessed mayhem on the Gold Coast Spit last weekend among Jet Skiers.

All of these people had watched, filmed and discussed together how dangerous the scene was with Jet Skiers travelling at speed, going in every direction, freestyling, towing tubes and all within very close proximity of each other.

I was not there but I am assured the footage is extremely compelling.

These people are an array of experienced Marine operators, Journalists, Gold Coast citizens and political backgrounds.

Now first and foremost, Never ever travel at a speed greater than trolling whenever you are around any other vessel, Jet Ski, the shoreline or a swimmer.
Parents please do not tow your children in close proximity of other vessels.
Global statistics over the past decade have almost every fatality being as a result of a collision.
For more information or if you are unsure of the guidelines read Jet Ski Best Practices for a full explanation

Now the reason I'm writing this is because these people are going to call for the ban of all Jet Ski sales on the Gold Coast as they see it as the answer to congestion.

Unless I woke up in a country that is no longer a part of the free world this will happen over my proverbial dead body and I'm certain you all agree.

This is no solution as for example I own 5 Skis and have owned around 30. Not one has ever been brought from the Gold Coast. So their proposed solution is complete bullshit.

The instant simple solution to the problem is for us all to spread the word of distance off, distance off, distance off. That is if you don't have room around you (distance off) you only go at 6 knots (trolling) speed.

This issue has momentum and I believe their next strategy will be to ban us from the Gold Coast area South of Wavebreak Island.

This too is not the answer. However if it gets momentum I have 2 proposals that I have submitted to the GCWA, GCCC and all enforcement agencies.

1. Have some Police presence out there to modify the behaviour into a more culturally acceptable level. There has not been one ticket issued for breach of distance off in many years. therefore this is an ENFORCEMENT issue.

2. (If a ban is likely) Adopt the measures that have been very successfully adopted by the Noosa council in a temporary blanket 6 knots over the entire area south of wavebreak to the bridge. I have timed this a few months ago and it adds less than 10 minutes to the ride south. BUT it keeps our access to the area full time.

Note a blanket speed restriction would only cover busy days for example weekends and public holidays 9am-5pm November to March or whenever is busy.

Now I consider education to be a key way to get the message through. Ben (VP Australian Jet Ski Association) and I have spent a tremendous amount of time requesting education. Apart from SEQ Water there has been no education we've seen come through.

So what do you think? Is it better to have safety in the area south of wavebreak to Sundale Bridge improved by....

1. Education
2. Enforcement
3. 6 Knots on every vessel in busy times
4. All of the above
5. Do nothing, witness a tragedy and get banned

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