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Author Topic: Jet Ski Community Issues Jet Ski Club - United approach to Community Issues  (Read 1591 times)

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Jet Ski Community Issues Jet Ski Club - United approach to Community Issues
« on: May 02, 2014, 10:24:22 AM »
PWC FUN the Jet Ski Club was established in 2008.

It exists to provide the Jet Ski Community members a supportive friendly home to share informative resources that showcases the fun, safe and adventurous aspects of the Jet Ski Industry and to provide the latest Jet Ski News, Information, Socialising and Community Issues.

Together we provide a united voice on behalf of the Jet Ski Community regarding political and social issues related to the use of Jet Skis.

It has become increasingly important to provide a unified community voice to level the playing field regarding the "misleading sensationalising headlines" damaging public perception and consequent backlash against Jet Skis in the general community.

The Racing and Freeride Associations have done much to provide a solution over the years as have many well intended social groups.

The Jet Ski Club has always assisted these interests and will continue to always do so.

However this disparate approach has often resulted in politically uncontrollable highly compromised outcomes to our sport.

The Jet Ski Club is now represented within the;

AJSBA Recreational Riders Division

QPWC Racing

The Marine Action Group

The Boating Industry Association

To be successful in our attempts to keep our Sport in a respected and well regarded league, with rights and access to the same waterways as any other vessel, we will need all of you -  the members of our sport to do as much as you can to play your part in the public voice.

There are some serious issues ahead of us. If we neglect to unite and take a stand we will loose our quality of Jet Skiing life forever. Some things can never be replaced.

Please do what you can to help as various issues are brought forward to you. If everyone can invest just a small piece of their on-line time to make themselves heard on issues we will soon be treated with the same respect as any other community.

If you are involved with a community issue at a local level please be welcome to seek support from the wider community here. We must all pull together on this.

Mandy Brown
0449 077 747

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